Take community benefit to be starting for all activities.

All business activities of the company are oriented "To continuously improve the quality of community's life."

 Take quality, safety and effectiveness to be the highest commitment. 

Quality products and best service, punctuality, meet customer requirements.

  Take prosperity along with partners as long-term goals.

+ Customers who bring about profits for HICON. Therefore, long-term goals and above all, are to satisfy customers's desires and to reaffirm HICON products’ position in customer's mind.

+ Comply with all laws and regulations to ensure maintaining trust with customers, investors, shareholders and society.

+ Innovation and improvement of customer care policies present HICON cultural characteristics: Caring, dedicated and punctual.


Take HICON’s identity to be the pride of the Company.

+ Learning and training constantly to adapt and innovate.

+ Solidarity, creativity, collaborative work, highly disciplined, the industrial is the cultural background of HICON.