Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR is commitment of enterprises for business ethics and contribution to sustainable economic development, improving the quality of life of employees and their families in particular, the local community and society in general.

CSR is considered to be a factor as important as the traditional factors such as cost, quality and delivery of business. CSR is integrated into the strategy of the company and becomes a compulsory conditions for enterprises to survive and grow.

We understand, CSR is:
- Maintaining and developing the cultural identity of the company.
- Protecting the rights and benefits of workers.
- Anti-corruption.
- Environmental protection. 
- Creating favorable working condition for employees.
- Bridging the gap between staffs and leaders.

With CSR, HICON commits to operate responsibly towards society in wherever we do business, balances the growing needs of stakeholders, who includes all persons influenced affected,  or holding legitimate interests from actions and activities of the company.