Quality Commitment Policies

+ Continuously improve work manuals and quality control system for non-stopped enhancing quality products.
+ Do the utmost to complete work on time and conscientiously in safety with wholehearted; maintenance work and consideration.
+ Continuous human resource training, enhanced internal solidarity and discipline, cooperation and creativity enhancement in everyday business.
+ Invest in new equipment and plant; apply effective management and advanced construction techniques amd modern technologies.
+ Continuously improve the company's prestige and brand name with high quality projects.

   Safety Policies

+ Comply with all regulations of Vietnam Law and other related regulations in the field of Health - Safety - Environment.
+ Health - Safety - Environment can not be achieved by fortune, rather it must be the results of intense effort and detailed plan directly or indirectly implemented by related parties.
+ By our own efforts, we strive to prevent every accidents, injuries or occupational diseases from happening causing labor to suffer mentally or physically.