20/01/2019Từ Internal News

Last week, representatives of the Board of Directors of the company visited and encouraged staff members in the works ahead of the approaching Tet Holiday 2019.

The delegation visited and inquired about the lives of workers on construction sites, contractors, and monitoring and consulting units to capture each employee’s working, accommodation, resting conditions and aspirations. tablets. At the visits, the Board of Directors affirmed: “The attention to the life of the staff is always focused by the company’s leaders. At the same time, taking care of and protecting the interests and grasping the aspirations of employees is also the responsibility of all levels at the Company ”. The Board of Directors wishes all employees to welcome the new year of 2019 and the traditional Tet Holiday with warmth, joy and meaning. At the same time, propose works to organize the assignment of protection teams for the project during the holidays, Tet holiday, visit and give gifts to employees as one of the annual activities of the leaders of the public. Here are some photos of the mission at the works:

Happy New Year at TLIP 3 wastewater treatment project

Happy New Year at AutoTech Project

Happy New Year at Gunzental project

Happy New Year at the Embassy of Germany Project

Happy New Year at KTG Project – Bac Ninh