06/11/2018Từ Culture News

With the desire to create a meaningful activity during the summer holiday as well as to train the children’s skills, Hicon JSC co-operated with Joy+ Restaurant to organize cooking class HICON MASTERCHEF JUNIOR for the children of all staffs in the whole company system.
When summer comes, pupils are free to take break to ease the strain and relax your mind after hard days at school. Taking Hicon Masterchef Junior classes, the children have basic knowledge about food, daily food in the family, kitchen utensils and how to use them safely, the simple dishes, the basic skills in daily life to help children more confident.
Through interaction with friends in the course, the children also formed teamwork skills, forming good characteristics for children such as orderliness, independence, sharing. In addition, it helped children develop healthy eating habits. They can also explore their abilities, show cooking skills.