06/11/2018Từ Internal News

With a view to satisfying and supplying the diversified services in construction industry including mechanical services, leasing out material and equipment, mechanical production, maintenancethe Board of Directors of Hicon has decided to establish Hicon Service team aiming to strengthen production efficiency and improve living standards for the staffs as well as contribute to build up and prove the strong position of Hicon JSC in the construction market. Hicon Service has been established from three teams: mechanical vehicles, mechanical production and warehouse staff. With its guidelineIf you go alone you can go very fast but if you go with others you can go very far”, the Board of Directors hope that this mergence will bring a big change in method of operation as well as strengthen the coordination among the old teams, which will help enhance the production capacity and meet the progress. Additionally, the establishment of Hicon Service team will mark an entry into the new industry (for example: transportation, commerce, …) which results the sustainable development for Hicon JSC, thereby to prove its strong position.

On this occasion, the company has handed over a new truck crane – Hino 8T to Hicon Service team, and Hicon Service team has also handed over Container 5T(Hicon standard) to the company.

Following are some photos in the ceremony: