06/11/2018Từ Culture News

The women’s program is built on the basis of the constant concerns of the sisters, who show off their culinary talent, making delicious, nutritious meals for their families. The program not only honors the great contributions of the sisters in the work, enhancing the solidarity and exchanges experience among the sisters in the company which also affirms that the HICON sisters are not only good at but also very good at home business work. Not only that, the program also helps to improve the skills of organizing collective activities.

Coordinating with Joy + Restaurant at Lot 22C, the villa adjacent to Nguyen Chanh Street – Hanoi, the program has been successfully organized, is the first step to launch the cooking spirit of the sisters, expected After that, there will be many more and more dishes at the request of the sisters.

The class is designed to help you improve your cooking skills with simple, easy-to-make and high-nutrition foods. Besides, the sisters learned the basic ways of cutting and decorating the food.