06/11/2018Từ Culture News

On 25/04/2015, Hicon JSC organized the program – Team Building 2015 for all the staffs. The program was organized with a hope to strengthen the solidarity, attachment among the employees and create a sound and useful playing field for them to exchange view and learn about experience from each other.


The teams lined up lottery

The teams took part in the merry and intellectual activities guided by the organizing board. By taking part in this training program the employees have opportunity to practice team-work skill as well as know how to cooperate, make agreement and negotiation, especially the team game made the atmosphere more joyful and hotter 

1.Camping contest

 Hurrily finish camping contest

Happiness when complete the contest

2.Fishing contest


Fishing contest

3.Cooking contest


 Hicon staffs’ resourcefulness 


Cooking contest  



Outcome of cooking contest

4.Contest of comrades


Together hold the rope and run 


5.We are one Contest


“We are one” Contest – together stand on a piece of canvas

6.Awards for excellent works


The Board of Directors rewarded for excellent works


The Board of Directors took photos with the Organization Board


Samsung team – the first prize

Chien Thang team (Victory team)  – the second prize

 Xuka team – the third prize

Quyet Chien team 

Ca Chuoi team 



Take physical exercise

Practice skill of making plan and dealing with situation

Practice patience and consistency

Enhance solidarity

Promote leadership.