06/11/2018Từ Culture News

HICON CUP 2015 football tournament was organized to celebrate 70 years of Independent Day (2nd Sep 1945 – 2nd Sep 2015) and 61 years of the capital liberation (10 Oct 1954 – 10 Oct 2015).

The tournament gathered 12 teams with 15 matches over a month of competition (from 10 Sep to 10 October 2015) and found out the owner of the Champion Cup.

HICON  CUP 2015 tournament results:

1. Champion: Team 3D Glass

2. Second Prize: team Office

3. Third Prize:  SEVT and Hicon Service I

4. Award of Dedication: Hicon Service II

5. Award of Style: WWT 2

6. Award of feverishness: Thien Nam

7. Fair Play Award: SDV-Bac Ninh

Awards for Excellent individuals:

1. The best players: Tran Vu (Office team) and Nguyen Hung Son (Thien Nam team) with 12 goals.

2.The best goalkeeper: Chu Cong Tuyen (Office team)

Speaking at the Closing Ceremony, Mr. Tran Vinh Bac – Deputy Director, head of the Organization Committee, on behalf of the Company leaders congratulated the success of HICON Cup 2015, the individuals and all the teams. He also expressed his hope that it would be maintained and became annual tournament to give the company’s employees the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other, enhance cooperation as well as improve health.