06/11/2018Từ Internal News
HICON Investment JSC was honored to be invited by the Foreign Investment Agency of Vietnam to attend the “Taiwan – Taiwan Investment Conference” in Taiwan on August 15th – 20th , 2008 . This is an annual event organized by Ms. Thai Van Anh, the President of Taiwan. The program is organized by the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (equivalent to the Embassy of Vietnam in foreign countries), the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam (equivalent to the Embassy of Taiwan in Viet Nam), Department of Investment (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan) and a number of professional associations in Taiwan.

The program aims at calling promotion of Taiwan’s investment in ASEAN countries especially Vietnam and has attracted great attention and interest from investors as well as consulting firms, Industrial parks, construction companies, industrial parks in Vietnam.

At the conference, HICON Investment JSC has had the opportunity to promote HICON brand name on the investment forum in Southeast Asia, especially at two promotion programs exclusively for Vietnam as well as contact and connection directly with many Taiwanese investors preparing to invest in Vietnam.

At the end of the trip, Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan – HICON General Director had a talk with his staffs about the trip as well as his feelings about culture, people and achievements to study in the island nation of Taiwan.

Here are some pictures of the trip and sharing of Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan: