06/11/2018Từ Culture News

Hat Luu is a highland commune of Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. In 2017, due to the impact of natural disasters on the rain and flood, the whole commune suffered from heavy losses of people and property, crops and livestock, despite the fact that the agencies, departments and branches inside and outside the province Helping both spiritual and material, but the life of people here is the most difficult time is the end of the year, when the spring to the coming. With a heart, affection for the authorities, the people of Luu 2 Village, Hat Luu Commune, the Voluntary Committee of HICON Investment Joint Stock Company organized the visit, the station to the village and planned long charity. term here.
During the visit and work with the local authorities and villagers in Luu 2 Village, the HICON Voluntary Unit has proposed a plan for upgrading and upgrading the infrastructure of Luu 2 Village, contributing to the construction of Luu 2 Village. new rural standard.
Also on the occasion of the sixth birthday of HICON Investment Joint Stock Company (13/12 / 2011-13 / 12/2017), the charity committee in cooperation with the Union donated 1312 books donated to Luu Cultural House 2, Hat Luu commune, Yen Bai province.
Here are some pictures of the charity program of HICON Investment Joint Stock Company:

Ban lãnh đạo cùng Ban thiện nguyện HICON trong chuyến thăm và làm việc với chính quyền địa phương và nhân dân thôn Lừu 2

Chương trình quyên góp ủng hộ 1312 cuốn sách tặng nhà văn hóa Thôn Lừu 2