09/03/2019Từ Culture News

On March 9, 2019, the Trade Union of the Company collaborated with the Women’s Union to organize a visit to Tam Dao tourist site on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8th. .

Although only a small percentage of staff members, the role of women at HICON is always affirmed and appreciated. From the construction site to the office, the women contributed significantly to the overall success of the Company. Working in a construction company, facing great pressure on volume and work progress, HICON women are a combination of both strength, resilience and softness, flexibility, create a very specific image of the Company. Therefore, activities to honor and acknowledge the contribution of women are always paid special attention by the Board of Directors

Participating in the program to motivate the sister company with the participation of Mr. Bui Ngo Viet Dung – UV Board and Mr. Le Viet Cuong – Deputy General Director of the company, in addition to the sisters who are your wives Company employees, women are important rear companies of the Company.

The program has left many impressions for the women to attend, encouraging the spirit of working hard for the Company in the future. On this occasion, the brothers and sisters in the company also donated fresh flowers, meaningful gifts to the women “good at water and housework” of HICON Investment Joint Stock Company. This is the sincere and deep feelings of the Company Men for their close colleagues.

Here are some pictures of the program: